Not perfect but always timeless


I have a very old Leica M3 that is with me everyday. Film is not easy, it’s inconvenient, it’s expensive but once in a while I make some gems (in my opinion) like this one


I do love how film and vintage lens flares and diffuse color. Like the little reflection on the railing, it’s stunning! I want to shoot film so badly! But probably with a large format camera.


As you know the lens is usually the secret weapon, in this case a very old Summicron 50mm f2 I think v2


Hahaha that is why! This lens is a gem!


I love the dynamic range of film. Add no, not easy or inexpensive, but so worth it right? :grin:
And I love that you take your M3 with you every day though, I need to do that too.


Sweet moment! I also love the Summarits. They have that glow.