Newborn Photography


I have a little one on the way in mid-October and figured I would try my hand at newborn photography. I’ve been reading up a lot on the web. I plan to keep it pretty simple since my apartment gets a lot of good natural light. Plus, I’m not planning to spend that much on props and gear. I’ll be using mainly my X-T20 with 35f2.

What film simulation and settings do you guys use? Do you have any other tips for doing newborn photography?


Congratulations! I hope everything is going well and will look out for baby photos in a couple of months.
Are you planning to try the posed newborn photos, stylised in wraps etc, or take a photo doco style approach?


@wdninja Congratulations!
I photograph A LOT of newborns using the XT1 and now the XT2. I use Classic Chrome. You’ll find having the tilt screen super helpful for shooting from above. If you have good natural light that makes a difference. I also really really like the electronic shutter because it is completely silent so the newborn isn’t disturbed at all by the camera. Here are some samples:

Full Sessions are posted here:


@carly_webber thanks! I think we will try a few posed photos first but if that doesn’t go well, then I’ll try the document style approach.

@thor thanks! Yeah I generally use CC as my default simulation and that’s where my comfort level is. I wasn’t sure if I should branch out and use Astia or Pro Neg since I never do portraiture. I agree about the electronic shutter! Thanks for sharing your gallery too!