New to the X-T2 - Clarifications re: Booster Grip


Today was a big day for me as my X-T2 arrived and I just finished getting it set up. I just want to clarify a few things with those who have already used this camera with the Booster Grip.

1 - Can I assume that the Booster Grip can be plugged in for re-charing while it is attached to the camera as long as the camera is turned off?

2 - If I do re-charge the Booster Grip while it is attached to the camera as noted above, does the battery in the camera ALSO get charged?

3 - Can I leave this plugged in over night without over-charging or damaging the equipment?

Thanks for your considered thoughts!


Jeff Ross


Not an X-T2 user, but here are some info:

I’m in the better safe than sorry camp, so if I were to use the grip, I would take out the batteries and charge them in battery chargers. I won’t charge connecting to the camera itself, unless it’s emergency.

To note, I charged 2 batteries in turns in the camera using X30 while on two weeks travel to Japan because I couldn’t find the battery charger in time before going. I left them charging overnight at times, charge with powerbank at times too. No problem whatsoever.