Need advice on buying a used Fujifilm


Hi Fujifeeders,

I’ve experienced some really helpful responses to a query here already, and am hoping I can bother you all for a little more of your intel.

I would like to buy a used X-Pro1 (I would be interested in buying one new or refurbed, if I could find a market for that, however have only been able to find used ones for sale).

My problem is, I’m a fujifilm beginner (I’m pretty amateur with professional cameras fullstop) and don’t think I would be able to detect issues with a used camera when inspecting it before buying. I know that a camera’s shutter count is a pretty solid metric for ascertaining how far a camera is in its life, but have found from sellers that Fujifilm cameras either do not display a shutter count, or that the shutter count can in fact be reset and therefore is not an accurate indicator of a camera’s age/health.

I understand that the sensor is the other important thing to inspect when buying a used camera. I’m not entirely sure how to detect any issues with a camera’s sensor…

If anybody can offer any insight on my conundrum, whether that’s their own experiences buying used cameras, how they go about it, or even refer me to a trusted resource, would be greatly appreciated.

The guy selling me his X-Pro1 seems like a good egg when he’s messaged me on Gumtree (Australian classifieds), however I would have to drive two hours to pick it up, so there’s an element of risk in that he may be selling me a slightly damaged camera, or something he’s experienced a few issues with, and there’s obviously no recourse for me to take up if I have issues with the camera after purchase. At this point, I’m considering upping my spend from $550 for this XPro1 to $1100 for a brand new X-T20, just for the warranty and peace of mind.

If anyone can offer advice or insight, I couldn’t possibly be more confused than I am now (so would appreciate it massively!)

Thanks again everyone :sunny:


This guys is selling new one. I saw ebay listing for Australia of the same seller too a few months back.

I read from other forum some guys bought from this site with no problem.

I have no affiliation with the site.


Hi @rokphish, would be really interested to look into that – could you please send me the link to the eBay seller?



I think it’s this one: Look at this on eBay
Please verify again whether they are the same person/shop and have same offer and warranty.


Thank you very much for that @rokphish – I’m amazed at how many new X-Pro1’s are available for purchase on eBay! I really appreciate your help!

All my best,
Charlotte :smile:


You’re welcome.
I was going to buy one from them when I visited Hong Kong a couple months back, but they don’t have a store and have to have it shipped even within the city. As my time was short I ended getting one in a store instead.

Looking forward to your photos with it.


Thanks Rokphish, hopefully will have some images to show during September – just made my purchase and the camera should be on its way!

Thanks for ending my endless confusion haha :slight_smile:


No problem! I wished mine was as effortless and quick decision as yours. I was going back and forth for months…