Need a portrait tip


I’ve been shooting in the studio and always use Diva Ring Light Super Nova for making my portraits more bright and iluminate all skin imperfections. I was wondering wether i can use the same ring light for outdoor shooting or should i buy smth else? Which type of ring lights are the best? Have you ever created an outdoor portrait with the help of tool like these? Share your experiences i would be delight with your tips


Never tried ring light myself but the photog that used to shoot me uses it quite alot and from what she told me it’s really nice and smooth.
And I have seen a couple of youtubers setup with similar lights. It sure gives an interesting catch light.


We have ringlights in our studio also, but when trying to use them outside in daylight they tend to not produce enough light for our needs. When shooting outside, we use AlienBees800 or DigiBees800 (from Paul C Buff) with a softbox (umbrellas tend to catch the wind too much outside).