Milky Way Panorama over the Dolly Sods, WV | X-T2 + Samyang 12mm


Fuji X-T2 | Samyang 12mm | f/2.8 | ISO3200 | 30"

This is a composite of 4 images stitched together with Hugin. I processed the raw files with Darktable. I had to do a fair amount of the alignment by hand because Hugin didn’t do well identifying matching stars between frames. There is some amount of “smudging” despite my efforts. Does anyone have tips on creating composite images like this on a Mac?

If you’re interested in astrophotography and live in the mid-Atlantic, I highly recommend traveling to West Virginia. The skies are dark and there are lots of mountain tops available. I took this photo near Lion’s Head in the Dolly Sods Wilderness on a backpacking trip last month (more photos from the area on my blog, Backcountry Sights).


@Andrew_Cox This is really nice, how do you like the Samyang 12mm lens for normal usage (not astro)?


@zellersamuel Thanks! To be honest, I haven’t used the Samyang for a ton of daylight photography. It’s a solid little lens and I don’t really have any complaints. I also own the FX 10-24 and prefer the flexibility, autofocus, and incredibly close focus distance of the zoom.


I have the Samyang 12mm, it’s quite a specific lens for a day to day usage, good for shooting small valleys in the mountains. At f5.6 - 8 is super sharp.