Memory Card Recommendations


#1 - As far as I understand, the UHS-II SDXC Memory Cards are recommended for the X T-2 to get the best performance. Quite frankly, I don’t shoot off many frames at once. What would be a second best choice?

#2 - If I want to use the UHS-II SDXC Memory Card in the primary slot for RAW, but want to shoot RAW + JPG, can I use a slower card for the JPEGs and which type would be the best for the JPEGs?


Take a look through here:

Perhaps here:

If you don’t really care about speed, I’d get the UHS-1 ones.


I guess I am leaning toward sticking with the fastest cards. I don’t want any issues as I am learning to use a “new” camera. Thanks for taking the time to respond!


I think that there will be no issue other than speed.

If not shooting high speed action, the slower cards will work just as well. The cost savings could be used toward more cards and or lens or other things.

The xxx of a second difference wouldn’t make a difference to many people.


From what I know, faster cards are mostly recommended if you do videos


I have X-T20, not X-T2, I used Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-1 U3 Class 10 V30 as shown in the list. I did some videos and it works well with no problem.

Wait for other X-T2 users to share their experience.