Memory Card Compatibility with the X-T10


I checked the most recent spec updates on the Fuji page and it shows that UHS-II type cards are not compatible with the X-T10.

Has anyone tried using a UHS-II card on their X-T10 and if so what were the results?

I wanted to be able to use continuous high shooting without encountering huge buffering stops so, I’m looking for the best possible card for the X-T10 for this type of shooting. I’m guessing I will have to go for something like the 128 GB 95MB/s Lexar card as I cannot find anything faster for the UHS-I cards? Any recommendations would be much appreciated.



Have a look here:

A quote from above link:
"You won’t be able to take advantage of UHS-II cards on this camera like you can on the Fujifilm X-T1, but there are a few reasons to consider UHS-II.

– You want extremely fast USB 3.0 transfer speeds. (Assuming you have a UHS-II card reader that works well for your computer.)

– You bought this camera with the idea that you’ll buy an X-T2 or an X-Pro2 when they come out next year."