Lunar Eclipse - What did you get


I am for sure not the only one who went out with a camera to see the lunar eclipse. As this was my first foray into nighttime and astro photography I did not take the exact picture I wanted but one I like a lot nonetheless. We also made some effort to get into a good position researching options of cablecars and hikes for Friday night and checking the terrain and directions on google earth a lot. How did you prepare to get your personal view?

What pictures did you capture during the lunar eclipse?

Thank you for sharing you experience.

Here comes my picture:


Mine was crap :frowning:


well at least it has a very “cinematic” look to it. And it is smiling :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing.


I missed the red part because it had finished by the time it was high enough for me to shoot and I couldn’t be bothered to go and somewhere flat (as that was miles away and I don’t have a car)


Here is my picture from Southeren Norway. XT2 with 50-140 at 140 mm. 1/4 sec at F2.8 and ISO 200. All settings in manual.


I wanted clear sky and red dot there… but there are some stars eventually :frowning: T2+50-140 at f4
insta: nykowski_spaceruje


Some great ones here! Thanks everyone for sharing!