Luminar 2018: Fujifilm LUT files (presets)


Heya everyone.

Luminar 2018 is out today and I decided to give Macphun another (last?) chance. Now Thomas Fitzgerald in one of his latest videos was showing a preview of the software and he mentioned someone in a forum created some LUT files (.3dl) to use with this or other applications. I don’t have the link at hand but you can find it in his YouTube channel, in the comments under one of his latest Luminar 2018 videos…
Anyway, long story short, I have downloaded the LUT files but it looks like there is no way (yet) to keep them persistent in the LUT filters panel, so what I did was turn these into actual Presets. This allows them to be always accessible from the UI, rather than having to click the Load button and find them somewhere in your hard drive. :wink:
Being LUT Mapping only available in Luminar 2018, I don’t think they will work with previous versions, even turned into presets. I created these on a Mac and I have no clue whether they’re compatible with Windows or not.

Included film emulations:
Classic Chrome
Pro Neg Hi
Pro Neg Std

How to install these LUT presets on a Mac:

  • Download the zip file from Dropbox:
  • Open the Custom presets folder located in ~Library/Group Containers/ (where XXXXX should be your unique identifier)
  • Unzip the file into this folder
  • That’s it! You should be seeing it straight away into Luminar 2018

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I guess you could also try and go to Applications/Luminar 2018, click Show Package Contents then install everything there, but I wouldn’t be too sure any modification done this way would persist through software updates…


So, I went to search the link to the original .3dl from Stuart Sowerby (you might still want and/or need them): (download the .3dl found at the bottom of the page in the comments)

And this is the video where Thomas Fitzgerald video mentions the emulation:

Didn’t like an incomplete post :wink:


LUTs is not available on Windows yet. Can you make these into presets so I can install them that way?

LUTs, workspaces and many other features are still missing from the Win version of Luminar 2018.


LUTS are definitely available in Windows Luminar 2018. But it only appears to take Cube files. So conversion of the 3DL appears to be required.


I was mistaken, I overlooked it when playing with the software this morning. Thanks for the correction.


my Dropbox link is exactly that :wink:


Any chance to get the ACROS LUT simulation too? Would be fantastic :slight_smile: