Looking for very slim case for X-T2 + 27mm pancake


I mostly use an X-T2 and was eagerly awaiting the X100F (previously owned an X100S a few years ago).
Having hired an X100F for a few days, it was OK, but I wasn’t won over.

My ‘walkaround’ camera is now my X-T2 with a 27mm pancake fitted and occasionally an 18mm f2 in my bag. This is a very small, light combination which although not quite as small as the X100F gives me the larger EVF and other benefits, not least saving the cost of the X100F!

I’ve been on the lookout for a very small/thin case to put the X-T2 + 27mm in but most options are too big/too padded etc. to be able to fit the camera in and at the same time fit inside another bag. I need something to fit easily into a work briefcase or backpack.

The best I’ve found was the Manfrotto Nano VII but this is just too small. The camera will fit but it takes too long to get in and out of the case.

I’ve now ordered a Tenba BYOB 7 which I hope might fit the bill.

Any other suggestions gratefully received!



Maybe too big. but its still small and the case is really soft so you can ram it into a backpack and it will squish up. It does then give you the flexibility to put a F2 23 or 35 on it.


Thanks. Yes, this is much bigger than what I’'m looking for. I’m trying to find something which will just cover the X-T2 and 27mm and nothing else, so it can fit inside another bag.

Even the Tenba BYOB 7 is too big really.


Hello, I have this one :



Thanks - I’ve seen similar ones to these. It would be great if it was a bit smaller (without the longer nose!)


Nice one @anasklf I guess this kind of case can be very useful inside a small backpack.


How about this:



Thanks for sharing that kind of case @anasklf, I’ve been really looking for something like that :slight_smile:️, instead, I got the F-Stop Shallow ICU Small which I also carry inside my backpack, but it can be quite big.


I’m going my to try one of these as it looks ideal for what I’m looking for, although it’s overpriced! http://www.artisan-n-artist.com/product_detail.php?id=260


I ended up with one of these (larger version of the A&A ACAM-75, called the ACAM76). The former just fitted the X-T2 + 27mm but the slightly larger latter is easier to use and also has room for my 18mm in a small mesh bag inside.