Look-a-Squirrel! Greetings from South Africa


Greetings everyone

My name is Dino, im 39 years old, and ive been a lover of taking photos ever since the 80’s when Poloroids were a hit.

Ive since only owned a Sony Cybershot (1.2 megapixel) I know right, and a Canon 350D, which was a huge step up for me as it was an 8mp, and then after that I have just been taking photos on iPhones.

Until now that is, I am proud to announce I just bought a FujiFilm X100F and Im absolutely loving it, but dude to not always wanting to carry a camera around with me, I still take a lot of photos with my iPhone 7.

Please have a look at some of my photos on Instagram:

Thanks very much to you Samuel Zeller for all your awesome free Lightroom Presets, and for creating this awesome website and forum.

Hoping to get to know you all better and share some of my new photos with you.