List of Fujifilm YouTuber and Vloggers!


Hey everyone in Fujifeedland!

I thought I’d introduce myself as a YouTuber and also open the invitation for other YouTube photographers to introduce themselves :+1: Post your name, where you’re from and your favourite video about Fujifilm below :arrow_down:

My name is Joe Allam, I’m originally from the UK and I run a YouTube channel about travel photography and have been shooting a lot with Fujifilm cameras over the past year. Most recently, I picked up an X100F and can honestly say it’s been one of my favourite purchases in a long time!

Hello from Seattle, WA

Hey Joe, I’m not a vlogger but I do enjoy your videos a lot! Of course, your X100F shoot with Dave (shoottokyo) was great. Keep up the great content!


Hey Joe, it was nice to meet you finally in Cologne! I moved this topic into the “videography” category, where it makes more sense for it to reside! Hope you are well.


Thanks for the invite @zellersamuel. Hi @joeallam.

I also do some YouTube stuff that focuses on Fuji, and sometimes my wife makes an appearance. Here’s a video about my Fuji lens lineup:

Hey there, I'm Palle Schultz

Thanks @zellersamuel for the invite. And hello to @joeallam and @Andrew_Branch! I’ve been watching both of your channels for a while now. Loving all the fuji content!

Let me introduce myself as a fairly new YouTuber:
So my YouTube Channel focuses on everything that has to do with Street Photography. It all started with the purchase of my beloved X100F in 2017 and it inspired me to share what I’ve learned about this camera and also how you can use it for street photography.

I don’t focus on reviews that much anymore but my X100F makes an appearance in every video I make, so… The Fuji love continues :slight_smile:


Wow, excited to watch this when I get home! I’ve been following your photography for a while now and would love some insight into your process.

I’ve been thinking more about combining my interests in film and photography and making more youtube videos on the process. I shot one where I narrated a photo walk I did looking for street photography in Chicago. I’d like to do more, and more formal videos too.