List of Fujifilm street photographers on Instagram


Here’s a list of Fujifilm street photographers that I admire on Instagram.
If you know more of them please mention them in the comments and I’ll update the list (if they are good!).

United Kingdom
Craig Whitehead @sixstreetunder @sixstreetunder
Joshua K. Jackson @joshkjack @joshkjack
Brandon Wong @mrbw
Matt Hall @the13thsecond @the13thsecond
Gianfranco Gentile @stop_and_search
Harry Edmonds @harrywedmonds
Paul Bence @streetbence @paul_Bence
Alberto Lamback @lmbk

Ernst P. Sanz @e_rnst
Sergi García Gavaldà @serpiaka @serpiaka
Orietta Gelardin Spinola

Lorenzo Catena @lorenzo_catena

Valérie Six @valeriesixlouis
Yvan des costards @canal_street55
Fabrice Cilpa @fabrice_cilpa

Mohamed Mahdy @mohamedmahdyph

Mustafa Hacalaki @mhacalaki @mhacalaki

Suzanne Stein @suzanne_stein

Tatsuo Suzuki @tatsuo_suzuki_001

Julia Coddington @juliacoddington



Have you seen


Matt Hart (Official Fuji X Photographer) - UK



How about a list with aspiring fuji-photographers?
Maybe would be nice to push talents beside featuring the great ones?


Kevin Mullins from the UK…


I dont if he shoots Fuji but… This one is genious… truly inspiring and fenomenally criative:

Jonathan Higbee


Nice tip, I didn’t know him!

I just noticed Jonas Rask hasn’t been mentioned yet, he’s my favorite Fuji X photographer:


Aaahh, but stars and legends, even if only in their own minds, prefer to remain amongst themselves. Where would we be if any Tom, Dick or Harry could wander into the hall of fame?


Gosh, these guys n girls are amazing!


Nice list! a few that I wasn’t aware of.
Hoping to make this list one day :stuck_out_tongue: