Lines through some X100F advanced filters?


I have a x100f. I don’t really use advanced filters but one day when I decided to mess with the miniature filter I saw that there were lines through the image (below). I decided to go through the rest of the filters to see if I had the same problem with all them. Turns out it just a couple others, being dynamic and soft.

I don’t see the lines in any other drive mode, my firmware is up to date. I did some searching and couldn’t find any thing online about it. It seems odd to me that its just those three filters specifically, don’t see how I could have been from physical damage at all. I am just sort of at a loss.


You should just call Fuji support. They’re good about listening and responding to questions (and even complaints!). It looks like the sensor readout is skipping lines (if the scan is done horizontally), so it could be a hardware problem, especially if nobody else is seeing it.