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  I'm not a fan of Clarity in Lightroom or ACR. It is a nice fast approach to make a snapshot pop but it has a lot of downsides. If you want real control over Clarity use Photoshop and/or a plug-in.

Contrast is a global adjustment that affects contrast across the entire image. It does this by stretching out the contrast range at a decreasing rate from the middle of the histogram (midtones) toward the highlights and shadows. Its greatest effect is on the midtones. You can readily see its effect in the histogram as you increase or decrease contrast. What’s important to understand is that Contrast affects a given tonality in the same fashion across that entire tone by adjusting the difference between that tone and the adjacent tone.

Clarity is actually a sharpening tool that also affects midtones more than shadows and highlights. However, it works on the contrasting edges and its effect falls off as it moves from the edge. Adobe describes Clarity as adding “depth to an image by increasing local contrast, with greatest effect on the midtones. This setting is like a large-radius unsharp mask.” In fact, this is how Clarity is applied behind the curtain in Lightroom?

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Thank you for sharing this information, I also often use LR! I really like these free lightroom presets for pet photography.