Lens exposure discrepancies


Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if someone can explain an issue I see with my Fuji 18-55mmF2.8-4 lens. I already sent back the lens back to Fujifilm for repair but it was sent back to me claiming the didn’t see an issue with it.

I’ve been using the lens since then and I still believe there is definitely something wrong with it. Otherwise, I’d really like someone (Fujifilm really) to explain to me how come I have such a big exposure difference when using the exact same settings with my other lenses? I’ve attached examples. They are raw files converted to jpgs with no adjustments. I don’t have filters on the lenses either. Firmwares are all up to date as well.

To get the same expose results on the 18-55mmF2.8-4 lens as my other lenses I have to bump up the ISO to 1600 in bright daylight. It doesn’t seem normal. Am I crazy? Am I wrong?

Anyone know what’s going on here?



Wow, that is a big difference. I would have thought that at the same settings different lenses would yield the same exposure (not necessarily sharpness, however) I might go try that with the various lenses I have.


I’m sure you should see the same result for the same exposure settings, whatever the lens. What happens if you set the camera on Auto? Does that achieve the correct exposure?

I have no bright ideas but assuming the lens is OK perhaps it’s the communication between the lens and the camera? Is that exposure setting somehow not being transmitted to the lens? What about taking camera and lens to the dealer where you bought them? Or are there any Fuji users near your location who could try the lens on their camera?


Piggybacking on JBPhotos idea of lens communication can you see if the contacts on the lense need cleaning or look damaged in any way? And yes, try the lens on a different camera. Good luck! Let us know if you get an answer.


Fujifilm accepted to take the lens back again and have another look. This time they acknowledged that based on the photos I emailed them that there’s definitely something wrong with my 18-55 lens. I’ll post an update when I hear back!


Update: Fujifilm returned my lens once again claiming there’s nothing wrong with the lens.
While my lens was out, I rented the exact same model which was working perfectly.
I’m surprised Fujifilm is refusing to recognise the issue, I’ve always heard good thing about their support. But they are just leaving me with a defective lens, refusing to repair it or replace it. Everyone here is fan of Fuji, but to me it has been 11 months of hassles starting with a defective body (which they replaced after over 2 months of repair; XT20 - f0 issue). Basically out of eleven months, I only had a full kit for a period of 4 months. I first sent this lens in November, we’re at the end of April and still no fix. I wish I could recommend Fuji, but I really can’t and I only wish I could go back in time and choose the Sony system instead… :frowning: At this point, fair to say I won’t be investing more money into the Fuji system and I’m only glad I didn’t buy one of their more expensive bodies.