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hello everyone, I reside in Vancouver, B.C., Canada… about six months ago I switched from Canon 5D’s to Fujifilm cameras. I purchased the XPro2 and the 50-140 new and then a used XT1 and the 10-24. Also got an adapter to use my old collection of Nikkor lens that I use with my Nikon F2.


Hy Denis,

What adaptor did you buy to use the nikkor lenses? I’m reading different reviews all over the net. I have a Nikkor AF-G 10.5mm F2.8 ED DX Fisheye. It is a fun lens and I don’t want to sell it. What adaptor do you recommend?

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hi Christophe… because I have and use only manual Non AI lenses I required the simplest of adapters… the brand I use is called Fotodiox