Japan - City and Snow


Hi Fujifeed Community,

I would like to share some pictures from this winters (December / January) Japan trip. We went to Japan for skiing but did stroll around Tokyo for a few days, too.
At this time I was (and still am today) very new to more ‘serious’ photography and to the camera. Still I was surprised how nice some Images turned out - at least that is what I thought.
Please forward some feedback, criticism and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I am showing this little series to hear your opinion and maybe advance my photography skills in this way. Thank you!

There are many more shots and I will keep you posted here if you will be able to see them online (hopefully soon)


PS: If you happen to be totally into skiing or japan travel by campervan I am happy to try answering your questions on this, too.

So lets start with some warm tones and night shots:


Clear skies:


In the snow:


These are delightful, Leo. My favorite is the last one in the snow. You’ve captured movement.


Thank you for the kind words. I will pass it on - actually this is me skiing so my friend took hold over the camera for once :sweat_smile:


Great job! Making me miss Japan…