It's Hello from Archie in Sao Paulo


So yes thats me, an English man in Sao Paulo. I’m in love with Fuji cameras, I own the X100F, X-Pro1 & X70. I have the GFX 50R on Pre-Order. Along side this I shoot a Hasselblad 503cwd & a Nikon D800
The X-Pro1 saved me from a creative block back in 2013 I guess thats part of my love.

I haven’t really taken photos for about 4/5 years professionally, moving to Brazil stopped that. I own Retouching company so all my time is spent working on other photographers images.

Take a look at some of my work if you wish.

I hope to learn and share!


Hello Archie, welcome! Some really nice work on your site, look forward to having you here and can’t wait to see some GFX images.