Is the XT10 now outdated?


Who has the xt10 but finds it underperforming compared to the influx of new models recently released?


I have the X-T10 and just upgraded to the X-T20, but I think the X-T10 is still an amazing camera! To be honest, for my needs the IQ difference between both models is not even significant.
I do love some of the new features on the X-T20, of course, but I could still be perfectly happy with the X-T10 if I had too.


The X-T10 is still a very capable camera, yes it’s slower than an X-T20 and has less features, and has a sensor that has less shadow recovery, less resolution, etc, etc, BUT it is s still capable of taking great pictures. Unless you ‘need’ the new features you would be better investing in more lovely Fuji glass than upgrading the body.

I still have an original X100, just having it’s 5th birthday in my hands, its still a great camera, and capable of taking some beautiful pictures, yes its slow and clunky, but its still fun and has great IQ.


The XT10 was the little gem that sold me that Fuji is the future. I sold my canon gear for the XT2 but use the XT10 as my back up and love it still.


Have the X-T10. Works great for me.

More money will always get you the latest and better gear. You need to decide if your money is worth it.


My 2 cents :slight_smile: :

I just recently aqcuired the X-E2, which more or less has the same image sensor. I don’t think the image sensor is outdated. Sure, the X-T20 is better in many respects - both IQ and handling, but I do honestly feel we are past the threshold of even 5-year old cameras being “outdated”. I can live with the speed of the X-E2, because the image sensor is amazing for what I use it for :wink:


same here the X-T10 was my first Fuji x series and i also sold all my canon gear to buy the X-T2 and some great fuji glass


Yes, the X-T10 is behind the newest releases in tech specs. (Touchscreen, 4K, moar MPs, faster AF) That’s to be expected with any technology.

But that doesn’t take away from it being a great camera.

As an everyday camera for family pictures and travel, the X-T10 was the perfect upgrade for my X-E1 with significant improvements where I needed them most: Lag time in shutter and in the EVF was causing me to miss shots with kids; No continuous AF tracking; Overall, it’s been the perfect camera for me, and makes it very tempting to upgrade to the X-T20.

I haven’t ditched my DSLR just yet, though, for special events and shoots.


I still use the XT10 and I love it.

I haven’t used any of the new fuji releases and I shoot all my work with the XT10. I’m looking at upgrading but I love the XT10 and I wouldn’t know what I need in my fuji setup if i didn’t use this camera.

So my answer would be… it lacks the new features but definitely not outdated. It’s still a great camera.

My 2 cents.


The XT10 is still a really great camera. I’m currently using it along the XT20 … the two main things I’m missing from the XT10 now are the Acros simulation and the faster processor. But besides from that … image quality is still great :slight_smile:


I still use it after just over a year and still love it. I switch between that and my 5D Mark III which is still my main workhorse but may sell all my Canon gear and get an X-T2 so I can use all the lenses and just switch bodies.


Same story for me. Picked up the X-T10 last year and never wanted to use my Canon gear again. I have since upgraded to the X-T2, but still keeping the 10 around just in case


I shoot the X-T20 and X-T10 together for concerts and stage shows (how I make my living)…the longer zoom on the 20 and the 18-55 f2.8 on the X-T10 and, understanding the 20 has the longer lens and thus eats more light, I use the two interchangeably all night and notice pretty much no difference in performance or what I need to do. (Granted, when I get to the computer, the X-T20 has done a little better in low light and for getting full arcs of fire from the fire dancers). But other than that, very little difference in the shots. So the X-T10 will stay as my 2nd body for a long time to come.


I kinda regret selling mine, I wish I would’ve kept both. :unamused:


I started in X system with an XE-1, so moving to a pair of XT-10s was a big jump in capability. I do have to say I’m somewhat disappointed now that Kaizen has left the model behind. I did find the limits of the XT-10’s excellent AF (compared to 1st gen X cameras) at a recent airshow. It’s not quite up to par compared to my old DSLRs, but for almost every other application, I do not miss having to worry about fine-tuning the AF. Aside from the AF improvements, I use the Classic Chrome film simulation a lot.

As a performance-price compromise, XT-10 is an excellent camera. But if you need the further AF improvements, Acros Film Sim or the gorgeous 24MP, then you’ve got no choice but do go up-tier.


Of course it is outdated. Fujifilm would like everyone to buy the X-T20 asap, even if haven’t outgrown the X-T10 yet.
Same as they want everyone to get the X100F by only giving the X100T one single firmware update instead of the kaizen love it deserves and which fuji used to be famous for. Instead they now already promise firmware updates for a camera as yet unreleased - X-E3.


I still have the XT-10, my very first and only Fuji camera. It still does everything I need it to, I love it.