I'm Mike from Orange County, California


Huge photography enthusiast here. Came from shooting mostly film, never got into DSLR’s as I really disliked the size of them and I’m someone who has to have a camera on them 24/7. I personally prefer taking photos of people & architecture.

Currently shooting with an X-T2 w/ a 23mm 1.4. Slowly growing my collection of Fuji gear. Next on the list is a 56mm 1.2 and after that, who knows, probably some flash stuff.

I’m always looking for new people to shoot with as well, so if you’re in southern California let me know!

Instagram: tiredofyou4
Website: www.mikenegrete.com


Hi Mike and welcome on the forum! Hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

That’s a great combo! Reminds me that John Schell that I interviewed before is also a fan of this lens, if you’re curious here it is https://fujifeed.com/mag/interview-john-schell-lifestyle-photographer