I can't update t my firmware2.10 on my XT3


Dear Members.
I had difficulty trying to upgrade my XT3 firmware. My current firmware on the XT3 is version 1.01. I had DL the firmware ver2.10 on the sd card. But everytime when I do the installation to the camera, there is a message stating “No firmware not found in card slot 1. Turn off camera”.

Can anyone advice me on this issue?
Please help as I’m waiting for the new firmware v3. 0 too.


common problem with this situation is pre-existing file names.
go to fujifilm firmware download, when you download it this time, choose a new place to download the file to, not your usual download folder (wherever that is).

use a freshly formatted sd card.
put the new downloaded file at the root directory of the sd card.
then try the upgrade process in the camera again.


Thank you so much for the reply. Followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much. Cheers to you :pray:


You’re welcome. Post some photos for us to see.