Howdy from CA!


Hi everyone! Thanks, @zellersamuel for the invite - I’m digging the interface of this forum so far, seems pretty neat and modern, unlike all those dinosaur forums.

Anyway, bit about myself - I’m Allen, a hobbyist/enthusiast photographer. I’m a big fan of Fuji, and shoot mostly motorsports and car photos in general, but also some landscapes and just general shooting wherever I end up. Lots of cat photos that will likely never be posted anywhere. :laughing:

I’ve been a bit… promiscuous when it comes to gear in the past, and have pretty much had a kit from every major brand at some point in time. The first time I handled a Fuji, I was doing research for a friend who asked for advice on a camera to buy. I came across the X-T1, decided to try it out in store, and fell in love. I bought a GS X-T1 and 35mm f2, and within a month, I had sold off all of my other gear and bought a couple more lenses for the X-T1. Ended up going a little overboard, ended up with Samyang 12mm, Fuji 14, 23, 27, 35, 56, 16-55, 50-140, 1.4x tele, bought the X-Pro2 for the faster AF and then sold that for an X-T2 when it came out, for the same reason, and also because I had a weird relationship with the X-Pro2. I loved the camera, and the button layout. Probably my favorite camera to date for smaller primes. It’s great being able to do pretty much everything while holding the camera with one hand, and while I didn’t use the OVF too often, it was fun when I did. Pretty much my only problem with the camera (apart from the X-T2 being faster in almost every way when it came out) was the eyecup! Twice, I removed the camera from my bag to find the eyecup removed from the viewfinder - the first time, it had also shredded itself, and I had to call Fuji and get a replacement. Luckily, the second time it was intact, just pulled out of the cup. I’m not hard on my gear, and this wasn’t a rough bag or rough carrying situation - it was in its own compartment in my bag, it just happens to catch with a lot of friction on the bag dividers and isn’t super secure. Even with this (what I would call) design flaw, I still really wish I had the spare funds to add an X-Pro2 to my kit again. Long lens on the X-T2 and a small prime on X-Pro2 would be a great combo for automotive events.

Anyway, I rented the 100-400mm and wasn’t a big fan (I think I got a bad copy), but needed a supertele for motorsports and didn’t want to spend the $$ on the 100-400mm since it didn’t wow me. I ended up selling everything to switch back to Nikon (D500 + D3s) for a while, and got my hands on a 300mm f2.8 VR. Amazing lens despite mine being damaged in shipping and eventually turned over to FedEx for insurance claim, and wow, the AF and buffer on the D500 will really truly spoil you. But the gear really is bulkier/heavier, so having a camera with you wherever you go really becomes more difficult. I grabbed an X-T1 and 35mm f2 again, when everyone had that big sale on that combo (same kit that got me into Fuji in the first place, funnily enough), planning on just keeping that for general photography. After FedEx refused to pay to repair my damaged 300mm and I had to send it back, and buying a used Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 that turned out to have a stuck aperture as its replacement, I saw that Fuji “officially” announced their 200mm f2, and the DSLR weight was really dragging me down at longer events, I decided to jump back into Fuji with both feet - yet again sold off all of my Nikon gear, and am now shooting X-T2 + X-T1, 23/35/50mm f2, 50-140mm and 100-400mm. Patiently waiting for Fuji to release the 200mm, and then the 10 years after that that it will take before I can afford one. :laughing:

Anyway, not that anyone cares about all that, just wanted to give a bit of my Fuji history! You can check out my instagram here (mostly just “favorites” from automotive shoots, and some USPSA videos):

Or my Flickr here (almost everything ends up here at some point):

If you’d like to see any of my attempts at taking pretty photos. Constructive criticism always appreciated, especially if it helps me reach the level of some of my inspiration: :laughing:

(Redacted links to inspiration because new users can only post 2 links, but if anyone’s interested, check out Camden Thrasher, Alex Wong (Emotive Image), Jamey Price.)

Cheers :beers: