Hola! I'm Fran Velasco from Madrid



I am Fran Velasco. I live in Madrid with Cecilia and my cat Petra, travel often, work as designer at Efless.co, make photos, write a blog some times, play bass guitar, love and hate Instagram, collect Hot Wheels and I’d eat pizza everyday.

On the photographic side, I used to shoot live music and promo shots for bands when I worked as a photographer. I needed to pay the bills so I changed career and I’m a happy designer now, so I can say photography is 100% passion now. I sold all my Canon gear a couple years ago and got an X-T1 + 23 f1.4 + 14 f2.8 + 50 f2.

You can see my permanently-work-in-progress website at im.franvelas.co or my Instagram imfranvelasco. Feel free to drop by and say hi!


Hi Fran Velasco, welcome on the forum! Hope you’ll enjoy this place. I did the opposite I went from design to photography full time. Maybe one day I’ll switch again, who knows. Let me know if you have any questions.