Hidden/Secret Spots in your Area


It’s getting pretty hard to come to locations I visited as a kid without there being 15-20 tourists in the photos. I’d love to hear how everyone manages this, do you go earlier/later, try to explore and find new locations, change your composition so they’re not in the photo, photoshop them out, etc.?

This is the Mermaid Cave on Oahu. Since we’re the most popular island and directions have become really easy to google, there were about 20 tourists here. Waiting a few minutes, in addition to the tide getting rougher (but not dangerous) was all I needed to get an empty cave this day.



I do all those, plus I often linger to see if I can grab a few seconds without people in the pic. I’m not much of a people person and usually find them disruptive to my compostions - unless I specifically, on rare occasions, take a picture of a person or persons in a street photography setting or similar.

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I often will approach people and ask people if they can step aside or move out of the way for a moment while I take a few pictures. Most of the time, people are more than willing to comply. I often find that they aren’t even aware that they are in the way.

This happened to me most recently while I was working my way down the coast of Oregon and visiting a number of the lighthouses. One park service guide was giving a tour and they move along when another group began to form directly in front of the lighthouse. I approached the second guide and asked if it would be possible to move the line ten feet in another direction which they gladly did.

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