Hi there! Vamsi here from India


Photographer based in Hyderabad, India. XT2, 35F2 and 56F1.2 for now. Shoot fashion, food and product. Happy to be here.


@kvsquare Welcome on board! Food photography is such a fascinating subject, did you shoot some with the T2 already?


@zellersamuel not yet. It’s been about 3 months I moved to Fuji from canon. Shot some fashion on Fuji though. I need a good 1:1 macro to shoot food which the Fuji lens lineup currently lacks. I hope they get it out soon.


Hello Vamsi, your portrait and fashion work is beautiful!


Thank you @carly_webber. I’ve gone through your website. Love the way those portraits are shot. Way to go.


Oh yes that’s right, I forgot about that! Apparently a Fujinon XF 80mm F2.8 OIS WR Macro is coming, I hope that it will be 1:1. Feel free to share some fashion shots under #photography (I can even create a sub-category for Fashion if needed)