Hi,my name is B from Sacramento, California


I started photography fairly recently. The photography genre I am into is street photography. The masters that inspire me are Saul Leiter, Ernst Haas, Fan Ho and Harry Gruyaert. Photography for to find avenue for self expression since I have difficulty with expressing myself.


Hi there!
Do you post on IG?


Sorry I have been gone for awhile.I do not currently post on IG. I need a lot practice before have anything worth posting.


Naaaah. Just make one now and start posting.
It’s useful for many reasons. Don’t wait for perfection or wait until good enough. It’s good enough now, and will be better with time.


Welcome on the forum! Don’t forget to upload a profile picture (could be any image, not necessarily a portrait of you) it’s just to make it more personal :) Hope you’ll enjoy it here. Don’t hesitate if you have questions.


Yes! And I’d love to see some of your street work from Sacramento. I’m just down the road in the Bay Area and love visiting friends up there. We’ll have to meet up sometime!