Hi I'm Tushar from NYC


Hello everyone!

I’m an enthusiast photographer from NYC primarily into dance and occasionally street photography and portraiture. I have done model shoots and wedding photography for a studio as a side job but it wasn’t my main avenue of enjoyment.

Juxtaposition of dance styles is my main theme as I am a dancer and that is my native photographic medium.

my IG is @nascentnaga for photography and
@beatsbynaga for everything else in life (mostly music)

I’m an engineer by day and crazy creative at night, photography was my transition from drawing based mediums to creating art with existing elements.

I shoot X-PRO2 with the rokion 12mm, fuji 23mm 1.4 , and fuji 56mm 1.2 (this being my primary workhorse). (used to shoot sony SLT to Canon 5d3 to x100T, just one camera now)

Pleasure to meet you all!