Hi, I'm Mustafa from Canada


Hello everyone,

Thanks Samuel and Fujifeed team for the kind invitation. I’m a Montréal based graphic artist. My love affair with Fujifilm X cameras has started two years ago with an XE2 + 27mm 2.8 lens. This year in January I upgraded to an X-Pro2. I really love my X-Pro2 + xf35mm F2 lens combo for street shots. But I still enjoy very much using my XE2 as well. My Instagram ID is @mhacalaki and my website is www.mustafahacalaki.com

Happy to be a part of this community, so many talented photographers here.
All the best



Hi Mustafa, you’re very welcome and it’s great to see you there! I really admire your work and I hope that you’ll find this place interesting :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words Samuel. I’m sure I will learn a lot here :slight_smile:


Hello from Montréal :wink: Nice pictures on your instagram!


Hello Jacob. Thanks! and it’s nice meeting you!