HI, I'm Josh. Any candid photographers out there?


I shoot with and X-T1 + Zeis 32mm f1.2 . I’m having the hardest time categorizing what type of photography I do. It’s modern, fashion, candid, and a bit journalistic at times. Some times it’s one of these, other times its all of these in one.


Do you mean Zeiss 32mm f/1.8 ?

I shot with that combo every day for several months. I picked the best every day, regardless of how good or bad. Some of the results are here -> http://photo.wyldbill.com/ocol-index

Why do you want to categorize yourself or your work?

I tend to shoot whatever moves me and organize the images into cohesive collections later. I’ve been shooting parking garages on multiple cameras for several years. One day I may pull them all together.


Hi Josh,

I’m probably fits the bill, I shoot anything.
When there’s an event, any event, I’ll try to tag along.


Hey Josh,

you don’t need to categorize yourself like bill said he shoot whatever moves him. it doesn’t matter what camera and lens you have instead use the best out of it. compose and experiment, explore and look for some photography books at your local book store and look for some reference. I started shooting weddings as a back up photographer in 2001 but then I realized that I don’t wanna stick on just one field. with all my gear I tried landscape, fashion, product and streets. later on I start taking freelance job for product and fashion but I loved streets. so yeah, don’t let your camera and lens stops you on what you can and cannot do, just keep shooting brother!