Hi, I'm Josée from Laval, Canada


I graduated from commercial photography in 2008 and started my photographic journey with any type of contract I could find. Always looking for lines, shapes and patterns when shooting and seeing my strongest photographs had a sense of space in them, that’s when I decided architecture photography would be my specialty.

Since then, I’ve been only shooting architecture and interior design. After a couple of years, carrying my Canon bodies and lenses was slowing me down and the weight was painful. I decided to switch to Fuji for the quality of the images they produced and the weight of their cameras and lenses, even though they don’t have a tilt shift lens in their lens lineup. I found a way to go around this in post-processing. I would love for Fuji to produce a wide angle tilt-shift…would be amazing when composing a photograph on site.

My style is still evolving, but I’m always shooting in natural light. In the northern hemisphere, the light has a blueish tone to it that I love.

Currently shooting with an XT2, XT1 as a backup. My lenses are the 10-24mm f4, 56mm f1.2, 35mm f1.4. Looking into Fuji’s wide angle prime lens for traveling and having fun with my Mamiya 645.

You can find me on Instagram and browse my portfolio.

Have a nice day and I’m glad to be part of this photography community!



Welcome Josée! Really nice gallery you got there even if it’s not my cup of tea! :smiley:


Hi Daniel! Thank you. And you have a very interesting project! Will you be sharing your work? Let me know.



Thank you! I’m super excited about it! If I decide to go social media on this project I’ll be sure to tell you about it!