Hi, I'm Jonathan from NYC


Hello everyone, I’m Jonathan and I currently live in the NYC area. I work in advertising during the day but am trying to transition to being a photographer full-time.

I’m excited to interact with you all here. My IG handle is @chartno3 and my website is http://jonathanpercy.photo.

I’m mainly a travel and landscape photographer but due to being in NYC, I also dabble in street photography. I’ve been a Fujifilm shooter since the first X100 came out. I currently shoot with the X-Pro2 and just made the leap to the GFX-50s.

Thanks to Samuel for setting this all up!



@chartno3 Welcome on board Jonathan! Did you used the GFX already? It’s a beast isn’t it :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve had it for a few weeks. I’m still struggling with how big it is compared to the X-Pro2. One of the reasons why I went with Fujifilm in the first place is how small the cameras are. With that said, the photos and quality I’m getting with the GFX is well worth it.

I’m thinking about selling my X-Pro2 body and lenses and picking up a X100F to go along with the GFX. Still on the fence because I really do love the X-Pro2.


I’m also thinking of selling my X-Pro2 and getting the X100F! I had the original X100 and I loved the fact it was nearly always with me… But I’ll keep my X-T2 for the more serious client work :slight_smile: Feel free to share some tests with the GFX under #gear:fujifilm-cameras


Hey, love your work (particularly the Iceland series) … I’m trying to get to Iceland sometime in 2018.

Alos, great to see that you’re the creator of Green Plastic! Did you get to see them on tour this year? I saw them in Portland and it was incredible. My first time seeing Radiohead. I’ve been waiting for YEARS.


Sadly, no didn’t get to see them this year. Big bummer. I am enjoying the OK Computer box set that was just released, though. Kind of makes up for it.

Definitely recommend Iceland! :slight_smile:


Oh, you got the box set?! I’m on the fence since I have the original double LP. I hear it pretty great though.