Hi, I'm Jacob from Montréal, QC


Hi all!

I jumped from Canon to Fuji with the X100T, then an X-E2 and now an X-PRO2.

I specialise myself in lifestyle, travel and real estate photography, which I display on my hand-made website, https://jacobroy.quebec/en/

You might know me from my previous posts on reddit and fujirumors, where I explained how to use Iridient X-Transformer with Lightroom.

If you have any question regarding retaining details in your pictures, or tips to use Lightroom, feel free to ask me!

@zellersamuel I must say that the forum is very well made, congrats on that!! :slight_smile:


Hey Jacob, welcome on the forum! I didn’t do much, the main engine is powerful but I merely customized it, I didn’t “created” the whole forum hehe. I’m not a dev.

That would be great if you could post that in #post-processing:iridient-digital :wink:


@zellersamuel Thanks! I will post there for sure!