Hi, I'm Daniel Jansson based out of Eskilstuna, Sweden


I started my photograph journey with my psychotherapist telling me to start seeing the world a little differentlty than I did at the time, suggesting me to maybe buy a camera or use my cell phone camera in a different way that I did before. He told me I would be surprised that the world we live in is quite a beautiful place if you know what to look for… He too is a hobbyist photograph of course, but apparently used this method before.

So I decided I’d look around in the camera world and stumbled upon the mirrorless cameras with a little help from a friend which is a photographer that I met during my beard modelling days. She is a major Leica fan btw. ( http://www.instagram.com/jessiwikstrom ) She suggested the Fujifilm X-T10 for me and I loved the way it looks right of the bat. That old film camera look! And it’s small enough to carry around with me all of the time.

What’s kind of fun to this story is that when I first got my camera my pictures was very moody and dark since I was in a bad place and dealing alot with myself and my life. But as the year has passed and I’m doing much better my pictures have brighten up quite alot and it’s really cool to actually see the difference in my pictures througout this whole self searching journey that I have been doing.

Now, a rough year later I’m really excited about the world of photography and found out that this is my way of expressing myself. I’ve always been artistic in my prior life, mostly in my younger years and growing older kind of makes your artistic side vanish with all the responsibility of growing up and starting a family…

Currently shooting with my X-T10 and the 56mm 1.2 lens, do got the kit XC 16-50mm aswell but since I mainly shoot portraiture the 56mm is what’s on all the time.

Until very recently I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my photography but then one day I read an article about a photographer diagnosed with cancer decided to portrait all of his family and friends as a good memory to have it struck me that is exactly what I want to do. So I have in my mind started to plan for this little project, what kind of gear and such that I need and want. What kind of feel and mood that I want my own little portrait series of friends and family to be about, I’m super excited about this and it’s going to be so much fun!

Photography is life, life is photography. I love living, I love photography!


I love your story. This is exactly how I stared my photography, trying to document and seeing the world differently. I too started very dark and although this is still my favourite style, it’s for different reasons now :slight_smile:
Agree Re the artists in the child being strong and then sometimes fades as we get older. Maybe it’s because a child has less of a sense of right and wrong when it comes to art. As an adult I know I have overthought what is ‘right’ a lot.
Love your project idea. Can’t wait to watch and follow. Are you sharing on Instagram???
Also… do you know the name of the photographer with cancer who photographed is family? Would love to see or read that article. Cheers


Thank you! I see, that’s interesting because the more I get to know the “community” of photographers the more I hear about stories similar to ours. It’s really cool!

Yeah, I was so much more an artistic soul in my younger days than until last year that is! It almost feel that photography made me live again. (Mostly due to my therapy session to be honest :wink:) It’s kind of crazy to feel as a 36 year old live for the first time in my life… But I’m so happy right now!

Unfortuneatly I don’t use Instagram anymore, that was one of the problems in my life. I used to be a rather “known” profile in the beard community and Instagram was my social media of choice. It just got to much… and of course loads of personal problems that came up along side all that “fame”…

Allthough for this project I might dedicate some “anon” Instagram just because I want the people in the photos actually beeing able to link to their friends and so on. We’ll see. I think I need to ask my therapist if that is a good idea… :joy:

Regarding the article it’s a no, and that really bugs me alot because I honestly wanted to like credit him/his family for my little project but I can’t seem to find it again… It totally blows. But I haven’t given up searching yet! I’m hopeful!


Welcome Daniel!
Share with us some stories, your introduction was fabulous!


Thank you @Lino_Borges!

Stories? I’m guessing you’d want to hear photography stories and not my personal life stories? I got plenty of both actually so anything is fine by me!

I guess I can elaborate the start of my “see the world differently” part as it is both photography and life oriented!

As I wrote earlier my therapist told me to try and see things differently, the second I walked out of his office I started to cry, walking around the city where I live and just looking at things, people and crying my heart out… It was so intense… I guess I should add that the therapy session I just had was super heavy and I cried for so many reasons but I was overwhelmed by pretty much everything around me at the time… As soon as I got home I called Jessica (the photographer I met from prior modeling days) and asked her what kind of camera I should be looking for, she immediately started to cry when I told her what was going on and said welcome to world of photography… We talked, cried and laughed a little about things and life in general before jumping into the camera discussion again, she told me I should get a mirrorless camera since they are super cute and small enough for me to carry it around all day every day, both at home and at work. A couple of days later we had another chat and she told me she probably had found the perfect little camera for me.The Fujifilm X-T10. I said that I would go check it out and some other brands aswell because I had been looking at different brands after our first talk… I always thought Fujifilm cameras where actual point and shoot film cameras, so never bothered to even glance at them while scouting around.

I fell in love the second I had it in my hand, and the sales man showing it to me was so kind that I got to borrow it for a while in the shop and walk around a little with it.
I bought it the day after and spent that entire day shooting just about everything, I’m not kidding but I think I shot like 1000 exposures that day. Most of it was total crap because I really had no idea what I was doing. Jessica told me to start off in full manual mode, to actually see and learn what all the settings and dials do like how the aperture, iso, shutter speed works.

I’m still shooting full manual mode and I really enjoy doing so, the control and the possibility to change settings easily to the get what I want is fantastic! The EVF is awesome, to see the changes live so to speak.

Just a little something, something! Hope you enjoyed my little story friend!

Laters /D


I hope you do share them online somewhere and we get a chance to follow and see what you are working on.