Hi, I’m Conor 👋


Hi everyone—
I’m looking forward to what comes out of this forum. The Slack group has already been hugely beneficial. In the meantime…

Things to know about me

  • Based in Minneapolis, MN, USA :round_pushpin:
  • Moved from iPhone-only to an X-T1 ca. April :camera_flash:
  • Still developing my personal style but I like to shoot landscapes, lifestyle, and portraits so far :man_shrugging:
  • By day, I create help content for a marketing software startup :memo:
  • Outside of photography, I enjoy sailing, flying trapeze, hiking, and web development :sailboat:
  • … and you can see my work on Instagram here :metal:

Anyways, thanks @zellersamuel for setting all this up!


Hey @co_or welcome on board! Glad to hear you’ve benefited from the Slack group. I hope you’ll enjoy this new place :smiley: