Hi I am António!


First of all thank you very much for your invitation for this forum.
My name is António Azevedo I have been professional photographer for 20 years in Lisbon Portugal. I worked basically for sports newspapers. 2 years ago I divided to work as a freelancer working with Lisbon city hall and a parish council in Lisbon. I have been using Fuji X cameras since the X-Pro1 came out and at the moment I work with 2 X-T3 that I love.
You can see my work on Instagram as www.instagram.com/aazevedo or visit my website www.antonioazevedo.pt
Thanks once again!




Hello António and welcome! Would love to hear how you find the Fujis for sports. I have an X100F that I use for time-out portraits and close-in work but mostly stick with Canon DSLR for action.


Hi Will
Now a days I don’t do much sports but when I did I used dslr. I have done some futebol, boxing and car races with my old (but still a excellent Camera) X-T2 and I can say I was very surprised with the focus speed! But all this images where taken during the daylight. Now with X-T3 and my 50-140 2.8 at 6400iso I did some swimming pictures yesterday in sports mode and yes I was amazed with the focus speed in low light I had more images in focus than out of focus. It’s an incredible camera :camera:.


I will need to try one soon. I’m sure my back will appreciate it.