Hi everyone! I'm Stewart


Hi everyone,

My name’s Stewart and I’m from Sydney, Australia. Thanks @zellersamuel for the invite.

I’m a hobbyist who shoots mostly landscapes and photos of my watch collection. My Instagram is @stewham86

Glad to be a part of this group.



Hello Stewart and welcome! Those are some great and creative watch photos and a really nice collection. Looking forward to hearing about some of your macro techniques.


Nice product photography you did with your watches


Hey Stewart! Welcome on the forum, I really do appreciate watches and I’m particularely fond of Nomos, you’ve got some great shots of them. What lens are you using, I guess a macro one?


Thanks for the welcome.

The macro photos are actually on my old camera, a Canon 100D with a 60mm macro, I’m still saving up for the Fuji 80mm macro and then I can finally sell the old Canon body as I am changing from Canon to Fuji lens by lens and the macro is my last one left.