Heya everyone, I'm Fabien Butazzi


My name is Fabien Butazzi. I’m half Italian, half French and I currently live in London. My current job is Head of Design for Europe in an International IT services company. Used to be a DJ, the first Italian male Food-blogger, and probably too many other things… :wink:
I had a Nikon equipment years ago, then decided it was taking the fun out of my holidays to travel with such a heavy and cumbersome equipment. I sold everything (but one lens) and started travelling light with just my iPhone and a compact camera with a decent zoom. During my trip to Iceland, I found myself still happy with the quality of my images, except at night and under the Northern Lights (obviously). Then my friend had an X-T1 and allowed me to play with it… saw the quality, the weight, etc. and completely fell in love with photography again.
Jumping a couple of years, I now feel like I’m again enslaved by tech stuff, but at least Fujifilm allows me to still travel light-ish and enjoy my time around the world and in my city.
You can find me on Instagram as @fabienb (and pretty much everywhere with this nickname, unless it’s an old account and then it’s probably koan or koandj -my DJ alias-).
I’m also a Fujifeed patron, and I would recommend everyone to support Samuel and get involved, because his work and this community are very much worthwhile.

Looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying my time here.


Hi Fabien and welcome! Thanks a lot for saying this, it’s because of people like you that this project can be kept alive. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: I hope you’ll enjoy this new place.