Hey there! Paul from Washington DC


First - thanks for setting this up. This is really nice to have a resource to go to for common issues and general conversation with people all over the world who have fallen in love with these cameras.

My name is Paul Wood - I have been a freelance photographer for 28 years and currently work in between Washington DC ( most of the time ) and all over NY as well. Even though I work freelance, my full time job is Director of Photography and Video Production for the U.S. Department of Education here in DC. Much of the work we do is documentary style photography as well as video production, and even though our main rigs are Canons, personally I use Fuji almost exclusively.

Currently I use two Xpro 2’s with nothing but primes - 16, 23 f2, 35 f2, 90, and a 56 1.2 will be the last purchase in a few months to have the main Fuji kit complete.

Look forward to productive conversations, sharing of work, and building an awesome community. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions as well - I teach studio photography classes and love furthering knowledge!



Thanks Paul, I’m glad that you enjoy the Fujifeed community and project! Make sure to check the website for articles, interviews etc… If you’d like to link to your studio photography classes you can do it in #news:events