Hey there, I'm Palle Schultz


I’m an X Photographer from Copenhagen Denmark, who also does a bit of video. I’m on instagram as palleschultz and also on youtube. So… Hi to everybody. :sunny:


Hey Palle, welcome on board! I’ve added a nifty little X-Photographer badge on your profile. It does nothing special for now except letting other users know that you’re an X :) Maybe in the future I’ll open a special section of the forum only accessible for X men and women hehe. Feel free to post a link to one of your Youtube video in this thread “Fujifilm Youtuber / Vloggers !” as we’re building up a list of great youtubers who publish videos related to Fujifilm cameras. Hope you’ll enjoy this place, let me know via DM if you have any questions.


Hi Palle! I’m a huge fan of yours and happy to see you here. :smile:



Welcome to the forum Palle! Similar to others, I’m a big fan of your work, and I’m looking forward to seeing your posts.


Welcome Palle!!! (there is a 20 character minimum on the forum)


Welcome, Palle! I’m a fan of your work, that GFX 50R you did with Jonas Rask is great


Hey man, welcome!


Another good reason to join here. Great work Palle, a source of inspiration, keep up your great work.


Hey Palle! Big fan of your videos and photography. Looking forward to seeing what you share around here.