Hey there! I'm Klaus Gruber


Hi there everyone!
Thanks to @zellersamuel for inviting me to this community.
My name is Klaus Gruber and I’m a people photographer based out of Nuremberg. I’ve been shooting Fujifilm since a few years now and l’m interestet to connect with other photographers.
I shoot photos professionally and I do that for clients and personal projects.
My website and blog can be found here: https://www.dolphinphotography.de My photos can also be found on Instagram: @dolphinphotography.de or @dolphin_photography
I shoot with X-T2 and X-T3, spent way too much money on lenses but I love them all :wink:


Hey Klaus, you’re welcome! Your business portraits are nice, do you shoot them mostly with X-T2? If so what’s your favorite lens for them? I’m curious also about what kind of lights you’re using for them.


Many thanks Samuel!
Thank you for your feedback to my business portraits. I have to say that I’m half Nikon and half Fuji photographer. I “switched” from Nikon to Fuji years ago, but I still use the Nikons for portraiture work in the studio (85mm). The Fuji’s are mainly used at Reportage (like Weddings) and Travel photography. I use a lot of Elinchrom equipment for my portraiture work and the next investment will be a Transmitter for Fuji cameras…
Merry Christmas, Klaus