Hey, I'm Berry


I’m a software engineer based in London who recently discovered the joys of photography. I picked up photography in fall of last year, and have loved it ever since. I started on Panasonic with a GX80 - which is a great little camera, but after a while of using the software menus for configuring shooting modes I started to crave physical buttons and dials. I found Fuji on suggestion from a friend, and shortly after purchased the X-T20.

I’ve very happy with and very fond of the camera. It’s such a joy to use. The XF23 2.0 is the lens I used the most, but I also own the 18-55, 55-200 and Samyang’s 12mm. I don’t have a focus in any one particular genre because I find them all interesting. I tend to just photograph the things around me that catch my eye or that I find interesting or beautiful.


Hey Berry, double thanks to you! First for joining the forum and secondly for supporting this project on Patreon :smiley: I hope you’ll love this place!