Hey folks! I'm Antonio from Italy


Hello everyone,

my name is Antonio, I’m 36 and I’m an italian literature and language high school teacher from Bergamo, Italy.

I used to take pictures when I was a child, with my dad’s Minolta and Canon AV-1; we used to go out, shoot nature and landscapes, then, when we got back home, we developed our negatives in the basement, where we had a small amateur darkroom set up. That was so much fun and the memories are so sweet they still remind me why I like to click the button: vision and passion.

I got into digital photography no more than a year ago, once I felt I was willing to study, practice and work on myself, a big part of this is to be credited to my girlfriend, who’s a great shooter herself; she inspired me to take up this passion again and, not negligibly, to buy my first Fuji camera, my old X-E2.

Since that moment, I’ve started to simply have a lot of fun again, going out to shoot whatever I felt like, until I had the chance to make a leap and buy my lovely X-T2. I couldn’t be happier with it, it feels good, it is as powerful as it is handy to use and it’s an all around winner.

As of late, I’m focusing (no pun intended) on concert photography, as in my spare time I write reports for an italian music webzine (www.thenewnoise.it) and the guys over there love to see some decent pictures along with the text. I feel like it’s a good way to train for quickness of execution and to learn how to set up my camera for various lightning and tracking conditions.

I think I’ll have my hands full of good information in here and I thank you all in advance.

Looking forward to read and write to you, in the meanwhile, may your light be good!


IG: @voidenoth