Hey Everyone, Kevin from Bay Area


Hey Everyone, my name is Kevin and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a photography hobbyist. I’ve been shooting with Fujifilm for a little over a year now. Before that, I had a Sony RX100 III and Nikon D5000. I’m definitely more into photography now than I ever was at any point in the past. I think it has a lot to do with that I really enjoy the shooting experience of a Fujifilm especially with the physical dials.

In my Fuji kit I have an X-T20 (trying to sell my X-T10 body), 35 f/2, and an 18 f/2. Eventually, I want to add a 23 f/2.

My instagram is @_wdninja although I don’t shoot/post as much as I should!


Hi Kevin,

Welcome on the forum and thanks a ton for supporting this project over on Patreon!
I hope you’ll enjoy this place.

I do love the dials as well, for me the exposure compensation dial is the best thing! I use it all the time.