Help me to take good photos


How to make amazing Picture , im from indonesia

Thank you


Start with a Fujifilm camera and try to find an interesting subject with good lighting and good composition.


As much of a Fuji fanboy as I am, I don’t think you necessarily need a Fujifilm to make a good photo, though it’s certainly a great start. I definitely second what Michael is saying here. To me, finding great light and then framing it into a great composition is a huge part of making a great photograph. Look for hard light like direct sunlight, and experiment with different angles to start.

Composition is a bit trickier, but I suggest putting up the rule of thirds guidelines on your display (EVF or LCD) when you’re starting out.


Hahaha my point about Fujifilm was definitely tongue-in-cheek.

Great points in your post as well about experimenting with different types of light.