Hello there I'm Costas Evagelou


An Invitation came to my mails from Samuel Zeller and here I am!!!

I’m from Athens, Greece.
The photography hobby came as a result of my involment with motorcycle clubs and forums ten years ago, having audacity to travel with a Kawasaki KLE 500 (thats where the KLE in my nickname came from) when the need was to take commemorative photos of the trips.
Then some photography lessons came and by the years mototrips became phototrips and the moto clubs became photo clubs. As you can understand I like travel and landscape photography and I won’t say no to portraits.
That’s for starters, nice to meet you!!!


Hello Costas, welcome! Moto and photo do go together well :)


welcome! do you have ig account?


I thought it is shown on my profile https://www.instagram.com/costas_kle/ I don’t use it that much…


where do you like to post your photos?