Hello! Michael from Colorado Here


Hey everyone, m,y name is Michael and I have a problem like many of you…I really enjoy Fujifilm and I believe they are the first camera system I have used that has a soul!

To pay my bills I own an aviation business/management and safety consulting company. I have been on my own for about two years and have worked contracts here in the US, China, Haiti, Mexico, Canada and Scotland. The best part of this work is that it allows me to travel around so I can add a few days on my travels to make sure and find time to shoot.

My photography pays for itself so I think that is close to living the dream. I prefer to shoot nature/landscapes but have experimented a bit with street photography. I also shoot aviation photography and have been working on a calendar project for a large air medical transport company the last few months.

Here is my photography website: www.MichaelBentonPhotography.com

Feel free to give me a follow on Instagram if we aren’t already connected: www.instagram.com/tri2hover


I feel exactly the same! Started with the X100 and never looked back. You work in an incredible field! I love airplanes and doing aviation pictures :slight_smile: Welcome on board!