Hello, 'm Chris | her project | from Amsterdam



I’m Chris, italian and I live in Amsterdam. I felt in love with photography using an Fujifilm X-20 that I sold one week later to buy an X-Pro2. Usually my style is streetphotography but I also shot artworks and people watching art.
I’m writing this little presentation trying to share my new interest, passion and work. I took more myself confidence when one of my photos was selected in the last Unsplash awards in the category Interiors and Architecture.

I started this little series on Instagram called “her”, taking photos of women [actually, not only] watching artworks.

Technically there is not much to tell. My photos takes a lot from street photography, stealing people’s moments of everyday life, breaking a bit of privacy trying to tell something.

I shot with an Fuji X-Pro2, usually paired with vintage lenses, but make more sense for this photos a more practical and fast Fujinon 35mm f2, or 18mm f2. In this kind of pictures it’s best to leave virtuosity and take advantage from new lenses and tecnology, to capture unique moments that otherwise be lost.

What do I want to represent? Art is not for a few, it is not - just - for artists, art addicted and acculturated, but for everyone; art before then be understood must be interpreted, observed, enjoyed.

Thanks for your time