Hello, I'm Keshav



Been shooting Fuji for about 2 years now, Canon before that. I quite enjoy landscape, architecture and the occasional portrait.

I used to post on Flickr but it’s just IG now @heykeshav. Of late you’ll find pictures from China and India.

I shoot with
Fuji X-T10
18-55mm kit
35mm f2
55mm f1.7 minolta

Props to @zellersamuel for a forum that looks this good in 2017.


Props to the people who made this forum engine in the first place haha! But yeah this is miles ahead of PHPBB. I hope that you’ll like it!


What engine are we using?

PHPBB pls don’t I’ll die haha. I remember those days.


I used to be on many forums back in the days… Apparently Fuji X forum is still using PHPBB haha, it looks horrible. We’re running on Discourse, it’s much better, faster and more easy to use.